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December 5, 2011

Who Would You Support For County Commissioner?

by lewwaters

In interesting poll put up by David Madore on facebook.

He asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 1, north county in 2012” and gives the choices of Tom Mielke or someone else.

He also asks, “Care to say who you would support for county commissioner position 2, east county in 2012” and gives the choices of Marc Boldt or *gasp* David Madore.

It is unknown at this time whether he intends to challenge Boldt, or if he is just playing with Lou Brancaccio over his Saturday Column, Press Talk: Politics and baseball in River Citywhere Lou opines about Commissioner Marc Boldt’s surprise no vote on the recent Admissions Tax defeat,

“So what happened? Politics. Another definition of politics, one that some would argue is the most important definition, is this:

“I need to get re-elected.”

The election looms in 11 months. And whom does he see as a possible — likely — candidate in his rear view mirror?

None other than one of the most high-profile guys around.

David Madore.”

In a way, I hoping he is trying to make Lou sweat a little, but I’d vote for A successful businessman like David in a heart beat.

I do not see Tom Mielke being voted out and don’t have a clue who the Dems will run against him to try.

Feel free to take David’s polls and come back and comment on your choice, if you choose.

August 3, 2011

Has Vandalism Become Just Another Political Tool?

by lewwaters

I recently blogged on the vandalism of the home of Tiffany Couch, the forensic auditor hired by Vancouver businessman David Madore to independently audit the records of the Columbia River Crossing and expressed my disappointment with the Columbian for not seeing her home being vandalized as they did the car of an Obama supporter back in 2008.

This case of vandalism drew a lot of outrage in the community meriting no less than 3 articles in the Columbian and even a blog post by me at the time. Even though conservatives joined in the outrage over his car being vandalized, that did no stop Mr. Wastrodowski from writing a letter to the editor a year later excoriating conservatives and Republicans, that the Columbian was very obliging to publish.

Fast forward to this past weekend, July 31, 2011 and the photos below.

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August 1, 2011

Just What Does It Take to be Worth “A Story” At the Columbian?

by lewwaters

I was and remain genuinely concerned hearing the home of Tiffany Couch, the forensic auditor hired by businessman David Madore to pour over the book of the Columbia River Crossing was vandalized this weekend. CRC Critics Home Vandalized

I expressed then that it troubled me that the Clark County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t believe it to be a serious matter, doing little more than taking down the Couch’s name for their report.

As a community, we all basically believe people should feel secure in their homes and should not be intimidated or threatened, especially if like Tiffany, you are involved in a controversial matter.

Since I am only a blog, I felt it important enough to send on to our local paper of record, the Columbian, as their circulation is much greater and due to their covering past incidences of vandalism, bring them to the communities attention.

I was very disappointed to receive a reply in part saying,

“It’s not likely a story based on this one incident, because police aren’t looking at it as a possible backlash with the CRC.”
“But, if it happens again or any further evidence comes up, it certainly is. I’ll also be letting our editors know that it happened.”

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