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March 8, 2011

Democrats in Olympia Give Washington State Citizens the Finger… Again!

by lewwaters

Once again, ignoring all economic woes affecting the state, turning a blind eye to a 35% increase in Illegal Aliens in the state, while the rest of the country showed a slight decline or remained steady, a bill to block granting Illegal Aliens in the state a valid Washington drivers license was killed in the Senate in the waning seconds before the “cut-off” time, where no non-budget, Senate bill may be passed and referred on to the House.

With 5 minutes to go before that “cut-off,” Senator Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville, Adams County) motioned for consideration of SB 5407, a bill “Concerning the issuance of drivers’ licenses, drivers’ instruction permits, juvenile agricultural driving permits, and identicards.”

Senator Schoesler was attempting to allow the Senate to vote on the bill that was blocked from the Senate calendar by the Democrat Speaker Lisa Brown (Spokane). His motion failed 23-25 with this bills primary sponsor, Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen, (D-Camano Island) joining the ‘No’ votes.

Of that apparent ‘flip-flop,’ Haugen said,

“Nothing is ever dead in the Legislature. I’m going to go talk to the governor. I’d ask the governor that she needs to stand and take leadership in this role. She needs to recognize what’s happening in this nation.” 

When was the last time governor Gregoire actually stood up for citizens in Washington State? If the Democrat Speaker refuses to recognize what is happening in the country, what makes her believe the Democrat governor will?

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November 23, 2010

Respect Washington files Petition for Release of Non-Citizen voters

by lewwaters

Press Release
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Washington Citizens’ Group Files Petition for Release of Disqualified Juror Information

Group Seeks to Remove Ineligible Voters from Rolls

A citizens’ watchdog group, Respect Washington today filed a petition Tuesday in King County Superior Court seeking release of “non-juror information” from King County and the other 38 Washington counties. Non-juror information pertains to individuals who were deemed unqualified for serving on juries because of citizenship status or other reasons. Respect Washington is seeking access to this public information in order to verify that ineligible individuals are not registered to vote in Washington. Respect Washington was assisted by the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

Cross-referencing non-juror information in Douglas and Pacific Counties in 2006 and 2007 revealed that many of the individuals who were deemed ineligible for service as jurors were registered voters. In Douglas County, 42 percent of those rejected for jury service were on the voter rolls, and 56 percent of those ruled ineligible for jury duty in Pacific County were registered to vote. Each of the five criteria used to disqualify individuals from jury service would also make them ineligible to vote.

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November 22, 2008

MEChA Distorts Purpose Of I-409

by lewwaters

mecha-1As most know, Clark County Conservative is one of the supporters of the proposed Initiative 409, a measure intended to encourage Washington State Law Enforcement and Businesses to uphold and enforce our current immigration laws throughout the state.

The heaviest opposition is coming from Hispanic/Latino groups who seem to encourage as many ILLEGAL immigrants to come here as possible.

Some students from Washington State University in Pullman expressed their displeasure with the proposed initiative in the Universities paper, the Daily Evergreen in October and as expected, distorted the purpose of I-409 and pulled on people’s heartstrings.

Students handed out flyers prominently displaying, No to I-409, Yes to Human Rights.”

One is left wondering, if they really are so concerned about “Human Rights,” why do they not encourage the country of Mexico to treat their citizens better instead of sending them north?

Where are their protests of the mistreatment of Hispanic/Latino citizens by a corrupt government and the wealthier south of us that causes so many from that nation, to speak of just one, to ILLEGALLY enter our country?

Adriana Sanchez, MEChA co-chairwoman said,

I see I-409 as a discriminating act, it is denying opportunity to the less fortunate. I hope people look outside the box and realize the negative effects this initiative could have on children such as denying them high school education or the negative effects of denying health care to those who need it or the cost to produce productivity. It’s inhumane. If the proposal goes forward, it could be interpreted to say that children illegally in the U.S. could not attend high school, and that anyone over the age of 14 would be ineligible for medical care.”

Ms. Sanchez, with all due respect, no one is denied medical care in an emergency case in this nation. Still, U.S. taxpayers are all too often left holding the bills for such care, straining our already overburdened medical system and tax structure.

Those here ILLEGALLY cost our schools more as many must be instructed in the native language, many not desiring to assimilate to our culture by learning our language. We taxpayers must pay those costs, not the native countries.

Still, I must think back to my original statement, if these advocacy groups fought half as hard to improve conditions for those who feel they have a right to violate our laws in their native lands as they do here, would those who come here ILLEGALLY and operate “under the radar” even need our facilities and tax dollars?

I am left wondering too is Ms. Sanchez has ever looked up the very word she uses, ILLEGAL, in a dictionary.

Readers too might be interested in just who and what MEChA really is.

MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, roughly translated, the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlán, considered by some to be an umbrella organization of radical Chicano student groups. It was founded in 1969, during a period of much leftist unrest in America. Aztlán is the territory in the Southwestern United States and West Coast that America purchased from Mexico in 1848, after defeating them in war and paying $15,000,000.00 as per the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

MEChA founders feel the mythical land of Aztlán belongs to them, not the United States of America. Their goal seems to be their liberation from the ‘White occupiers’ of the Western United States.

They claim their desire on the first site linked in the paragraph above as,

A nation autonomous and free – culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat.”

From the second link above, we find,

MEChA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people,” and “the affirmation that we are Indigenous people to this land by placing our movement in Aztlan, the homeland of all peoples from Anahuak.”

See also MEChA National Constitution (pdf) and MEChA Philosophy.

Audio of some of their statements over the years, mostly through the 1990’s, can be heard at this article. Note, they are mostly taken from California events, not Washington State, but the goals are the same.

Summing this all up is the words of Margarita Esquivel, co-chairwoman of the Chicano/a Latino/a Student Alliance in the Daily Evergreen article,

It is we who determine how our state is being governed and the policies that are enacted which will effect our future.”

Did Ms. Esquivel forget about the rest of us?”

November 21, 2008

Vancouver Ignoring ILLEGAL Alien Problem?

by lewwaters

vancouver-logoAs most anyone who has shopped in Wal-Mart, Ross or the Dollar Stores around town knows, we seem to have an over abundance of recent immigrants. Many seem to have no inclination to assimilate to our culture, preferring to retain their own, including their native language.

As has been mentioned before, here and here, an effort is underway in our state to bring an Initiative before the legislature, and voters if need be, to curtail those that choose to enter the country ILLEGALLY, take advantage of the benefits here and take jobs at lower wages than our citizens would.

Response from citizens has been pretty good so far as we have gone door to door in my neighborhood, attended gun shows in Portland and Vancouver and stood outside many businesses gathering signatures. Not everyone is receptive, naturally, but response has been pretty good.

A friend in this effort, ‘Eric,’ recently emailed the Vancouver City Council inquiring if Council members would stand with us in upholding our Immigration Laws by supporting and signing the petition for I-409.

The response ‘Eric’ received from Councilman Pat Campbell is somewhat shocking, to say the least. He responded,

We are having a financial crisis down here in Vancouver. Not sure that this is an issue we can deal with locally except through the referrals to ICE which have been ongoing when a person who may be the the category you speak of is convicted of a crime.

I know we are likely providing water, sewer, and garbage services down here, but the illegals aren’t being segregated out by either us of Clark Public Utilities (electricity) and either pay their bills or they are cut off…

I have occasional contact Don, Joe, Jaimie, and Ed but they haven’t mentioned this as an urgent problem or suggested a solution.

Good luck to you and please don’t go too far with this. My ancestors did not have permission from the Snohomish Tribe to move here when they first arrived in Washington State. Hope you XXXXXX’s have your documents…
Pat Campbell

Reviewing this reply leaves me with a few questions.

If someone is in our country in violation of standing immigration laws, is that not already a crime?

Could Vancouver’s current “financial crisis” be due in part to waiting until a matter becomes an “urgent problem” before dealing with it?

Blogger note: Question of Pat Campbells advocating the city purchase of the Columbian building has been removed as I was incorrect on that. By his words in the comments below, “I supported an assessment of the matter.” My apologies for the erroneous assumption.

If ILLEGALS do not pay their utility bills, are they really shut off? Or, do they fall under Clark Public Utilities Operation Warm Heart?

My wife, who hails from Houston, can testify that ILLEGAL immigrants have an underground network informing each other of cheap places to live and social programs they can obtain with a minimum of effort. I find it hard to believe they haven’t the same here.

Most disturbing in his reply is the final paragraph that I cannot take as anything but a threat to a citizen making a legal inquiry to a public servant about upholding the current law.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws, are we not? Have we gotten to where laws will be cherry picked by our elected officials as to which will be followed or not? And, if we question one not being enforced, do we deserve threats from those who are elected to represent us?

As for having “documents,” Councilman Campbell, I hold a Birth Certificate issued in the State of Florida in 1948. Last I heard, that is within the Continental United States, even if we used to speak funny down there.

I also hold two DD 214’s, a few medals for Military Service in Viet Nam, Germany and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I hold a lifetime membership in Disabled American Veterans and a VA Medical card. I pay property tax on the home I own with my wife and hold a valid Washington Drivers License.

What’s more, Councilman, should I take all of those to Mexico, Canada or any other country for employment or benefits, they get me nothing, as it should be.

But, the main question remains, why does an elected public servant feel the need to threaten a citizen who inquires about enforcing the law?

UPDATE: Pat Campbell admits it was intended as a joke. See comments below.

November 16, 2008

Washington State Hispanic Group Dupes Washingtonians on I-409

by lewwaters

Washington State has not escaped the detriments of the onslaught of ILLEGAL immigration. Citizens of Washington State fed up with the lack of respect for our laws, increased unemployment due to ILLEGALS working ‘under the radar’ at lower wages, subjugating them to a secondary slave class status, taxing our overburdened social benefits programs and lowering our living standards have began a legal initiative petition to curtail ILLEGAL Immigration and demand Respect For The Law.

Initiative 409 is a Citizen Driven Initiative that will “require state and local agencies to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration laws and would require verifying immigration status of persons seeking employment, receiving driver’s licenses, and receiving some public benefits.”

The initiative does not require any new laws be added and passed, only that existing laws on the books be enforced by State and Local Law Enforcement. Doing so not only protects American Citizens, but also gives protection to LEGAL immigrants legally entitled to work in Washington State by preventing unscrupulous employers from hiring below minimum wage workers here ILLEGALLY and taking advantage of them by threats of turning them over to I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) if they complain about mistreatment.

As previously explained, our efforts are not always greeted with appreciation by some. Many look upon our efforts as “discrimination” when they are in fact, just the opposite.

Nowhere is this shown more clearly than in a flyer put out by the Washington State Hispanic/Latino Legislative Organization.

They erroneously claim, “409 would result in the growth of prejudice and discrimination against Washington’s Hispanic/Latino and immigrant communities.”

Is there a reason they forget to include the word “ILLEGAL” in their claim?

Obfuscating our intent of requiring enforcement of established laws, the WSHLLO attempts to paint us as “reactionaries” when it would appear that it is they who are the “reactionaries” by advocating open violations of established law.

As I have told many, I am currently sponsoring a LEGAL Immigrant for American Citizenship. Many of those who stand with us to collect signatures on the petition still speak with the accent of the native country they immigrated from, LEGALLY. Many other LEGAL immigrants rush to sign the petitions as they followed proper procedures to citizenship and see no reason others cannot.

WSHLLO claims, “A reactionary initiative can be stopped by a small group of determined people who stand on principle.” They completely ignore that I-409 is backed by and supported by “a small group of determined people who stand on principle,” the “principle of law and order.”

WSHLLO claims, “Hate groups are using numbers and figures accusing undocumented immigrants of adding to the economic crisis of or country.” It is not “Hate” to expect our laws to be enforced and respected instead of ignored on whims.

It seems to me the real “Hate” is to keep ILLEGALS flowing into the country to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous greedy employers.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Army who traveled throughout other countries during my enlistment, I was expected to not only follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but also the established laws of whatever country I was stationed in. Even in war torn Viet Nam, we were not given a pass on violating established Vietnamese laws, even to include immigration laws if we chose to remain in country after our enlistment was up.

Mexico, for example, maintains their own Immigration Laws that we are required to follow as foreigners if we visit or enter their country.

To clarify, I-409 is not only about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico. It covers any ILLEGAL immigrant from anywhere. But, we are inundated currently by ILLEGAL immigrants from our neighbor south of the border, giving the WSHLLO ammunition to claim we are against Hispanics.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We welcome LEGAL immigrants from anywhere, as America always has.

WSHLLO even contradicts themselves in their flyer of disinformation. First, they claim they are, “working to defend members of our community by ensuring the anti-immigrant action initiative 409, stays off the ballot.”

Then they claim that I-409 supporters don’t want it on the ballot and instead are “going around voters to the legislature.”

Don’t fall for the WSHLLO’s efforts at disinformation and demonizing citizens of Washington who support enforcing established law. Of all people, Hispanic Advocacy Groups are the ones who really should be supporting and advocating compliance with our Immigration Laws to prevent those from their ancestral lands from being wrongfully exploited by entering America ILLEGALLY!