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February 2, 2009

Jim Jacks Co-Sponsors Same-Sex Marriage Bill, HB 1745

by lewwaters

Our newly elected Representative for the 49th Legislative District is off and running in his new office. He has his web site up including contact links.

If you recall, Jacks was most known for his blurb during the League of Women’s Voters debate in August against Debbie Peterson.

Jacks easily won the election, though, regardless of his admission about our tax problems of, “I don’t know how to fix it.”

I do see, looking over his site under Sponsored Bill’s that he has prominently affixed his name as co-sponsor on HB 1745, Concerning civil marriages.

The Bill, introduced and sponsored by openly Gay Representative, Jim Moeller, also of the 49th Legislative District, states it is an “AN ACT Relating to civil marriage equality, recognizing the right of all citizens of Washington state, including couples of the same sex, to obtain civil marriage licenses.”

No surprise that it isn’t going before voters as across the nation voters reject Same-sex marriage. So, it is either courts or legislatures forcing acceptance of same-sex marriage on citizens.

40 Democrat Representatives have signed on as co-sponsors of this bill!

We we treated to S5336, Domestic Partnership in 2007, but now the push is for full same sex marriage.

It was just days ago we were being told the desire was to “only expand domestic partnerships,” or, “Everything Except Marriage.”

HB 1745 cannot be any clearer to me. This is a full and outright sanctioning of same-sex marriage supported by Democrats.

Don’t be fooled thinking it is about “equal rights,” it is special right that no one has yet to explain what benefit society receives for such a drastic change.

I urge you to contact Jim Jacks, or your Representative to oppose this step. Inch by inch and ever so slowly, same-sex marriage is being forced upon Washington State, regardless of what citizens over have said.